Membership at Concord UMC

When we put our faith in Jesus Christ, he calls us to join his movement that we know as the Church. 

You may join the church by professing your faith and being baptized (if you have not already been baptized). 

When you profess your faith, we ask you to renounce sin and evil, put your whole trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord who forgives you, gives you an assurance of salvation, and guides you into holy living through the power of the Holy Spirit, and promise to serve Christ through the Church through:

  • Your Prayers – developing a daily habit of scripture reading and prayer
  • Your Presence – being in worship weekly and participating in a class or small group
  • Your Gifts – giving in proportion to your income to support God’s work in our world
  • Your Service – serving others with your time, talents, and energy
  • Your Witness – sharing the God’s goodness with others and inviting them into a living relationship with Jesus Christ

If you are transferring from another church, we ask you to reaffirm your faith and commitment to the Church. 

If you have previously been baptized in a Christian Church as an infant or an adult, we give thanks for your baptism and do not re-baptize.

If you are considering joining Concord United Methodist Church, please contact one of our pastors to schedule a time to make this important commitment.