Concord United In Recovery, a worship and small group experience for persons or family members seeking help with chemical dependency (drugs and alcohol), other compulsive behaviors, and dealing with life’s overwhelming struggles.
6:00 PM – Snacks and Social Time
6:30 PM – Worship
7:15 PM – Open Share Groups
Childcare provided upon request. Please call 865-966-6728.



1) You are not alone. Through Concord United in Recovery, you will find support, prayers, and encouragement in the small groups, through the recovery community, and from the entire church.
2) Miracles still happen. We believe that God is still active in the world allowing miracles to occur in people’s lives that submit their hearts to Jesus.
3) Don’t give up before your miracle. We commit to walk with you and pray for you to keep you on the path until you find freedom through sobriety.