Lessons By The Lake: Authorized Distributor Of Life – Rev. Wil Cantrell

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Once again, we see Jesus’ authority move beyond existing boundaries, this time, to bring new life out of death. These two events occur back on the other side of the lake where Jesus was becoming well known among members of the Jewish community. He is spotted by one of the religious leaders whose daughter is sick. On the way to tend to her Jesus is touched by a woman who has been suffering from a chronic bleeding condition for 12 years. It had cost her everything. In her desperate act of reaching out to Jesus, she was healed and blessed by Jesus to go forth and live. By the time Jesus got to the religious leader’s house, the man’s daughter was dead. After telling the father to believe, Jesus took spoke to the little girl and she stood up and took nourishment. Life was flowing out of both the woman and the little girl. For the woman, Jesus crossed the boundary between abundant life and simply existing without hope. For the little girl, Jesus crossed the boundary between physical life and death. With all the attention on health care in our culture, perhaps the church could help folks get the medical care they need, but also speak with authority into their spiritual and emotion plight to bring hope in the interim period.