The Spirit Of Holiness – Rev. Glenna Manning

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Scripture: Acts 10:9-23a
There is a direct correlation between the holiness of the Holy Spirit and the holiness that characterizes those who make up the church. Paul assumed that through baptism a new people had been called into existence to be for the world what Jesus was and continues to be—the manifestation of the reality of God’s love. Peter does the work of faith before the Spirit, He prayed (discipline), he deliberated (was puzzled), and he discerned the direction from the Spirit (he went). Prayer is the crucial practice through which we are drawn into the life of the Trinity. Since we don’t know how to pray, the Spirit “intercedes with sighs to deep for words” (Romans 8:26). To be made holy is not to be morally better than anyone we know; to be holy is to be made part of a community in which our lives depend on those we know and who know us. To be made holy is to be held accountable and to hold others accountable, to be loved and to love as we have been loved by Christ, the one who would have us love one another even if such loves invites the hatred of the world. However to do so, we MUST be dependent upon the Holy Spirit! We are given gifts so that we might pour out the fruits of the Spirit upon all others. The body of Jesus is the dwelling place of God; Jesus is the new temple. But as Jesus and the Father come to dwell in us, WE become the temple of God, the place where God lives. We as church—that is the assembly of believers—but also we as individuals become a habitation for the Spirit.