The Spirit Of The Church – Rev. Wil Cantrell

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Acts 1:8 – 2:42-47
Acts is the record of the beginning of the work of the Holy Spirit’s calling into existence a people who must exist in physical, bodily form to make known what God has done in Christ in human history and what the Spirit is doing within individual lives. The church was the evidence of the breath of the Holy Spirit upon each believer that would point others to Jesus Christ. Understanding the church means trusting the Holy Spirit as the agent of renewal. Such trust is at the heart of our confession that we believe in the “holy catholic and apostolic church.” We believe in the church because we trust the “holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life.” We confess believe in the visible church, warts and all, as an act of faith that the church is a gift of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. The church will only cease to exist if and when God in the person of the Holy Spirit seeks to call it into existence. Thus in the end it is not the church we believe in, but it is God in whom we believe. It is in God’s condescending to the church through Word and sacrament that makes church, church.